Expert advocacy embedded in Washington.

The original Tiber Creek serves as a foundational element of  Washington, D.C., extending from the base of Capitol Hill to what is now the Washington Monument…and it still flows beneath the nation’s capital today. Like our namesake, Tiber Creek Group has been at the foundation of key policy developments for more than 30 years. 

For decades, our lobbyists and consultants have served as trusted advisors to Washington’s key players. Industry leaders continue to choose Tiber Creek Group because we deliver premium results, and our partnerships are built to last. Previously known as Peck Madigan Jones – a Bloomberg Government Standout Lobbying Firm from 2020 to 2022 – Tiber Creek Group has evolved to reflect the growing need to customize government relations strategies and offer specialized policy expertise as our political environment changes and policy matters become more complex.

In the ever-changing world of politics, having a best-in-class team matters.

When you partner with Tiber Creek Group, you benefit from our collective team’s deep expertise. Our bipartisan group of seasoned consultants has extensive knowledge of issues from healthcare to financial services, from trade to technology, and experience serving the largest of public companies to targeted non-profits and trade associations.

Our clients are industry leaders.

From advocacy groups to Fortune 100 companies, our broad experience and trusted relationships guide clients through the political maze and deliver success. Our clients depend on us to successfully manage their complex, multifaceted, and multi-year legislative and regulatory campaigns, and their day-to-day interests in the nation’s capital. In a dynamic environment like Washington where change is the norm, our client retention is one of the highest in the industry, with more than half of our clients continuing to work with us for a decade or more.

Our specialized services include a best-in-class budget and appropriations practice that helps clients navigate the federal appropriations process and effectively protect, pursue, and secure funding opportunities. With bipartisan and bicameral experience, our appropriations team is well-positioned to provide expert counsel to clients and assist in advancing policy priorities.

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