Bay Bridge Strategies

Tiber Creek Group’s window into Silicon Valley.

The leaders of the innovation economy understand policy decisions made in Washington fundamentally impact technology organizations of every size.

From independent entrepreneurs working on a new product to Fortune 500 companies responding to international competition to unique issues facing the gig economy, we specialize in navigating the ever-changing technology landscape to meet our clients’ objectives.

Just as technologies change, the intersection of public policy and technology is also constantly evolving.

We apply strategic thinking, long-term expertise, and dynamic advocacy to help our clients keep pace with that rapid evolution. We make sure the voices of our clients are heard whether we are branding a company’s D.C. presence or managing large, broad-based coalitions around a national initiative.

We work closely with the pioneers who are the lifeblood of the technology sector.

From small start-ups to large Fortune 500 companies, Bay Bridge Strategies provides the knowledge of policy and execution needed for a successful approach to the complexities of strategic planning in Washington.