Senate China Bill State of Play: Part II

 We provided a review of the Senate’s action on a variety of bills related to China. As an update to that memo, later today (Monday, May 17th) the full Senate is expected to begin consideration of China policy legislation. Majority Leader Schumer’s Endless Frontier Act, as amended, will serve as the base text. However, a substitute amendment is expected to be offered which will incorporate the Senate Foreign Relations Committee’s Strategic Competition Act as well as several other provisions. (As of the writing of this memo, the substitute is still being negotiated.) 

Once the Senate proceeds to the Endless Frontier Act and its substitute, we anticipate the Senate will take at least two weeks to complete floor action. As is past practice, we expect the Senate to vote on tranches of amendments as negotiated by Leadership. Under the power sharing agreement between Democrats and Republicans, Leader Schumer cannot fill the “amendment tree” and present the bill as a take-it-or-leave-it exercise. As such, we expect a relatively robust amendment process. Note: this is not a reconciliation bill, so there is no vote-a-rama. The only amendments guaranteed a vote are germane amendments pending post-cloture.

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